Father Christmas Training Course
For some strange reason, people think that to become Father Christmas all you need is a cheap red suit and a cheap and nasty wig and beard set. NOTHING COULD BE FURTHER FROM THE TRUTH.

I have been portraying Father Christmas (NOT Santa Claus as this is the UK not the USA) for many years and I have learned a lot about how to do it properly. Indeed, I am still learning.

Selfishly, I initially thought that teaching someone else how to do it would be counter-productive. But I have seen so many awful portrayals of Father Christmas, that I thought it would be so much better to teach people how to do it right, so that children had a happy and positive experience of their visit with the man in the red suit. Because one thing is certain, children can and will see right through the poor performer.

What are the sorts of things you will learn from this course?

Dealing with children and their parents/guardians
How to cope with frightened children
Working with a photographer
The red suit, wig, beard and other accessories
The history of Father Christmas
What Father Christmas is called in other countries
Working with clients
How to invoice and keeping on the right side of HMRC
and much more.

You will need Microsoft Word, Excel and Adobe for PDF documents.

The course is supplied on a CD and contains everything you need, from the Training Manual to Risk Assessments and Safe Systems of Work, through invoice and letter production and keeping financial records.

You work through the course at your own speed and can ask questions at any time, whether during the course or afterwards.

There is a final examination and a certificate is awarded upon successful completion.

If you have ever thought of portraying Father Christmas please, for the sake of the children, DO IT PROPERLY, and this course will help you achieve that.

The cost of the talk is in the Prices tab at the top of the page
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