From Twang to Bang
How we went from this   

to this     
Discover what an English longbow was made from and how we obtained the required wood. Learn about how our archers were trained and the arrows they shot (NOT fired!). Find out about bowyers and fletchers and see just how skilled they were. Hear about the successes achieved by archers in battle and learn about the archery terms we still use today.
Find out about the reasons for the change to gunpowder and the prominence of pikemen.

Truly, they don't like it up 'em!   
Discover how gunpowder is made and the problems with storing it. 
Hear how the musket developed from this 

Find out how muskets were loaded and fired. Handle the shot that emerged from their barrels. Discover the range of these weapons and how accurate (or not!) they were. Hear the grisly details of the wounds they caused and how those wounds compare to those caused by modern bullets. Learn about the musketry terms we still use today.
The presentation will be illustrated by many artefacts that the audience is encouraged to handle.

PLEASE NOTE - the muskets may only be handled under the direct supervision of the presenter.

The cost of the talk is in the Prices tab at the top of the page

IMPORTANT - because of the equipment that is required for this presentation, the presenter MUST be able to park at the entrance to the venue, or VERY CLOSE to it. If such parking is not available, or cannot be arranged, then Medieval World cannot attend.
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