Foul Murders of East Anglia
Hear about some of the solved and unsolved foul murders that took place in East Anglia in the 19th and 20th centuries.

Hear how pretty Rose Harsent was murdered and the crime scene made to look like an accident. Learn how Robert Browning (no, not that one!) did to death 15-year-old Emma Rolfe. Discover why parts of poor Martha Sheward turned up all over Norwich. Discover why the Rayleigh Bath Chair Murder was so called, plus many more.
Please Note that the content of this presentation is visual, so windows near the screen will need the curtains/blinds to be closed and the relevant lights dimmed or switched off.

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IMPORTANT - because of the equipment that is required for this presentation, the presenter MUST be able to park at the entrance to the venue, or VERY CLOSE to it. If such parking is not available, or cannot be arranged, then Medieval World cannot attend.
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