You will find Medieval World very reasonably priced and you will  be pleasantly surprised  at just how affordable it is!

Standard Talks & Presentations
Prices start at just £45 plus travelling costs.

The travelling costs and expenses will be agreed at the time of  booking so that there are  no nasty surprises on the invoice.

The invoice can be delivered prior to the presentation or on the day.

Payment would be appreciated on the day, but in any case within 7 days of the presentation unless there is prior agreement.

Bury St Edmunds Ghost Walk
The cost is £5 per person with a minimum charge of £35. But if the party consists of 12 or more then Medieval World will offer a discount; the more people, the bigger the discount.

To prevent pavement overcrowding the party should not exceed 25 people.

Thetford Ghost Walk
Tickets are from the Thetford's Great Information Office on 01842 751975, or click HERE to go to their website.

Father Christmas Training Course

Letter from Father Christmas
Town Crier
£50. Visit the Thetford Town Crier website by clicking HERE.
Wedding Toastmaster
Visit the Thetford Toastmaster website by clicking HERE.
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